Zylkene Chews 450mg for Large Dogs 15-60kg – 14 chews


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Dogs are creatures of habit and can become stressed or anxious when their daily habits are interrupted. Large parties, a trip to the vets or fireworks on New Years Eve can cause your dog to tuck its tail between its legs. Zylkene Chews are a fantastic and natural way to help your dog or cat cope in these stressful situations. Zylkene contains the peptide alpha-casozepine, a substance derived from milk that is also created in the gut of newborn puppies when they digest their mother’s milk. This ingredient has a relaxing, calming effect on your pet, without the risk of addiction or side -effects. These tasty chews are made with lactose-free dairy products, making them particularly tasty just like a milk treat! And they are easy to administer. Instead of struggling to get your dog to swallow a tablet, just feed Zylkene Chews like a treat or mix it in your pet’s food. Help your four-legged friend survive any stressful situations with these natural and delicious calming chews! Zylkene Chews 450mg at a glance: Relaxing chews for large dogs from 15-60kg Gives your dog a sense of calm and reduces anxiety in stressful situations Natural effects: active ingredient derived from milk, with no side-effects and non-addictive High acceptance: tasty milk chew Easy dosage: feed just like a treat Lactose-free Administer only once per day