Smilla Hearties Cat Snacks – Saver Pack: 3 x 125g

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Smilla Hearties are premium cat snacks in a heart shaped kibble, with quality animal protein from beef and poultry. Smilla Hearties were developed in cooperation with leading pet nutritionists. Their well-balanced ingredients reduce the build-up of hairballs, provide tooth care and ensure all-round feline well-being. Select ingredients and careful manufacturing make Smilla Hearties especially tasty and digestible. Omega fatty acids promote a silky, smooth coat and support your cat’s natural defence mechanisms. Essential taurine helps to keep your cat’s heart healthy and, together with vitamin A, maintains your cat’s eyesight. High-quality animal protein and adapted levels of minerals and vitamins make sure your cat gets the diet that’s right for her. Special plant fibres are added to help with the expulsion of hairballs. Smilla Hearties will do your cat a world of good with their high-quality recipe containing omega fatty acids, taurine and vitamins. Smilla Hearties are available in a practical resealable 125g box, so you can give your cat a fresh treat every day. The resealable box makes it easy to feed your cat the right amount of healthy snack: just pull back the lid, take out a treat and reseal. Smilla Hearties at a glance: With quality animal protein from fresh poultry, salmon and liver Free from grains containing gluten Beer yeast naturally provides B vitamins Special plant fibres encourage the passage of hairballs Contains omega fatty acids for a silky, glossy coat Delicious snacks in a pretty heart-shaped kibble Flavoursome and healthy Practical, resealable box: Give your cat a fresh treat every day Smilla Hearties – taste, love, treat. Pure pleasure – pure love for your cat – makes treats worthwhile.