Premium Stainless Steel Bowl – 1.9 litre / Diameter 21cm

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This Premium Stainless Steel Bowl is a particularly practical accessory for your dog! It is suitable for water as well as wet or dry food and is made from stainless high-grade steel. The increased weight and slip-resistant silicon base of the Premium Stainless Steel Bowl make it particularly sturdy. Your dog can enjoy every kind of food from this bowl, without it slipping and sliding all around the floor! The thick-walled material of the Premium Stainless Steel Bowl makes it particularly robust and long-lasting, as well as scratch resistant. The bowl is also 100% flavour neutral and absorbs odours. The Premium Stainless Steel Bowl is available in a range of different sizes, so that your dog can benefit from its design no matter its size. Cleaning is also a breeze with this bowl, as it can simply be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand. Premium Stainless Steel Bowl at a glance: High-quality stainless steel bowl with integrated rubber base For water, wet food and dry food Available in different sizes: ideal for all dog breeds Particularly high-quality: made from solid, thick-walled stainless steel Matte outer: scratch-resistant and long-lasting Smooth inside: easy to clean and neutralises odours and flavours With strongly attached silicon base: extra slip resistant for stability Unbreakable Rustproof Dishwasher safe Material: stainless steel/silicon Colour: silver/blue Sizing table for Premium Stainless Steel Bowl: Capacity Diameter – Rim – Diameter – Floor space – Height Bowl Weight 1.2l 17cm 14cm 6.8cm 210g 1.9l 21cm 17.5cm 6.9cm 325g 2.8l 24cm 20.5cm 7.5cm 415g 4.2l 28cm 23.5cm 8.5cm 557g