Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion – Size L: 89 x 60 x 66 cm (L x W x H)

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The foldable, two-doored Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion offers your dog maximum comfort and safety. The zinc-plated, removable base tray makes it easy to clean, while the washable cushion offers your dog a comfortable journey. Whether you are visiting the vets or off on holiday, a robust, stable, well-made transport cage is a must for transporting your dog from A to B. The Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion is perfect your dog during journeys. Two smooth closable doors, one at the front and one at the side, allow for comfortable entry and exit into the cage, as well as offering plenty of space for your dog to move around. Two carry handles made of metal and one of plastic allow for safe transport and easy handling. The cage includes a cushion made from grey teddy-plush, which will offer your dog a soft, cuddly surface to sleep on during journeys. It is washable at 30°C and sits perfectly in the removable, zinc-coated base tray, which makes it easy to keep clean. Your dog can not only enjoy a comfortable, stress-free journey, but you can also save yourself a great deal of cleaning trouble. The metal mesh ensures your dog can always keep an eye on its surroundings and feel part of the family. The Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion can be folded up in order to save space when being stored. The transport box also fits perfectly in the boot or behind a cupboard when it is not needed. The transport cage is available in a range of different sizes. In order to find the correct size for your dog, measure the space of your boot and compare it with the cage measurements. The matching cushion is included with the delivery. The Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion is a high-quality, practical transport box that you and your dog can benefit from for a long time. Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion at a glance: Comfortable transport cage for dogs, with matching cushion for maximum comfort Zinc-plated metal cage with 3cm deep zinc-coated base tray (completely removable) Foldable to save space Stable carry handles Colour: grey Type of mesh: vertical spacing approx. 4cm, horizontal spacing approx. 12cm Available in a range of different sizes Size Table for Double Door Transport Cage with Cushion: Dimensions (L x W x H) Front door Side door Base tray height Metal door latches Bar spacing Folded dimensions (L x W x H) 63 x 55 x 61 cm 26 x 36 cm 35 x 32 cm approx. 3 cm 1 per door 4 cm 66 x 58 x 12 cm 78 x 55 x 61 cm 34 x 43 cm 35 x 39 cm approx. 3 cm 2 per door 4 cm 79 x 56 x 12 cm 89 x 60 x 66 cm 49 x 42 cm 42 x 45 cm approx. 3 cm 2 per door 4 cm 94 x 63 x 14 cm 109 x 69 x 75 cm 52 x 60 cm 50 x 56 cm approx. 3 cm 2 per door 4 cm 112 x 72 x 14 cm Please Note: Size L and XL cannot be delivered to Switzerland or Northern Ireland. Note: You will need to introduce your pet to the carrier slowly and carefully. Start by leaving the door open and allowing your pet to slowly enter in of its own accord. Then start closing the door and leaving it closed for longer and longer periods of time. Then try taking the pet carrier for a short spin in the car. The carrier should never be used as a punishment but rather be seen by your pet as a safe, positive place.