Cosma Snackies Maxi Tube – Duck (120g)

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The Cosma Snackies Maxi Tube is a handy, convenient way to treat your cat. The tasty treats come in a resealable tube so they are always fresh. The maxi size means there are even more tasty treats for your cat to enjoy for even longer. Cosma Snackies are made from 100% pure meat or fish and provide delicious, natural goodness even by the fussiest of cats will love. The gentle freeze-drying process helps to retain the important nutrients and irresistible flavour. The water is slowly extracted in a low heat process, leaving behind the full, intense taste. Your cat will adore these high-quality treats, as Cosma Snackies Maxi Tube are made using meat or fish suitable for human consumption. The Cosma Snackies in maxi tubes are available in the following delicious flavours: Mix with 5 Varieties (150g): 5 tasty flavours in one tube – beef, chicken, tuna, salmon, duck Chicken (160g): delicious pieces of chicken for the cat that enjoys poultry Tuna (150g): exquisite pieces of tuna fillet for fish-lovers Duck (130g): tasty duck for cats that prefer a natural, hearty flavour Premium quality Cosma Snackies are available in resealable tubes so the snacks stay fresh for longer. You can feed your cat Snackies several times a day as an appetising snack, or try something different and scatter a few over your cat’s normal food. Your cat will love the delicious, pure taste. Cosma Snackies – the pure, natural snack for your cat.