Bozita Naturals Paté 12 x 625g – Reindeer

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Pure, natural pet food from Sweden: Bozita Naturals Paté wet dog food is prepared using carefully selected ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, and respect the people, the animals and the environment. These tasty recipes are made with 100% natural ingredients and with no unnecessary additives. Swedish laws have strict guidelines about animal protection and hygiene, so you know that you are feeding your dog a top quality, tasty meal which is free from antibiotics and carcass meal. Bozita Naturals Paté wet dog food provides your dog with a balanced complete meal which is packed with tasty meat. All recipes free from added grains, soya and sugar so this delicious wet food is also suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities or grain allergies. The premium quality ingredients ensure that the food is well accepted and provides your pet with all the vitamin and minerals it needs for a healthy, happy life. Bozita Naturals Paté wet dog food at a glance: Complete wet food for adult dogs Suitable for dogs with nutritional sensitivities or grain allergies Natural recipes: No unnecessary additives, responsibly sourced ingredients from sustainable Swedish farms Made in Sweden: Under strict Swedish guidelines – no antibiotics, no carcass meal Rich in meat: Top quality, fresh meat is easy to digest and provides your dog with all the protein it needs Grain-free: Well accepted, and easy to digest Rich in vitamins and minerals