Alpha Spirit 6 x 400g – Beef with Melon


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This wet food variety from Alpha Spirit offers your adult dog a beneficial meaty meal and brings aromatic variety to its food bowl. Alpha Spirit 6 x 400g is created with just one variety of meat or fish combined with a selection of exotic and local fruits such as pineapple, melon, blueberries or kiwi. It is free from grains and gluten, as well as artificial additives, and is not only extremely delicious but also rich in nutrients, ideal for sensitive dogs with allergies or dietary intolerances. Full of 92% meat or fish, this dish provides your adult dog of any breed with sufficient animal protein to meet its natural nutritional needs. Alpha Spirit 6 x 400g also contains a balanced selection of minerals, vitamins and trace elements that all contribute to your dog’s overall health and wellbeing. Alpha Spirit 6 x 400g guarantees to use exclusively high quality, fresh ingredients from local sources and made without the use of animal testing. Now you can offer your dog a flavoursome, irresistible meal that you know is beneficial and well-made. Alpha Spirit 6 x 400g at a glance: Balanced premium wet nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds Hypoallergenic recipe, also ideal for sensitive pets Grain- and gluten-free: suitable for those with allergies or dietary intolerances Mono protein source: each flavour variety contains just one source of animal protein 92% meat or fish: particularly high content of valuable amino acids, helping to meet your dog’s natural needs 4% aromatic fruits: local and exotic fruits for appealing flavour and great variety in your dog’s food bowl Finest quality: manufacturer guarantees exclusive use of fresh, high-quality ingredients from local sources Balanced recipe: with vitamins, minerals and trace elements, for overall wellbeing Free from: artificial preservatives and ingredients, GMOs and animal testing